Addressing a Critical Challenge: Enhancing Safety in Explosive-Related Incidents

Problem Overview:

In 2012, the Rustenburg area faced two tragic explosive-related incidents resulting in two fatalities and three serious injuries, prompting a call for improved safety measures by the North West Regional Mine Health and Safety Inspectorate. The challenge was particularly acute when dealing with misfires, where shortcuts taken by employees due to difficulties in treating misfires posed severe dangers to lives and the overall mining environment.

Innovative Response: Introducing the Blasting Control Device (BCD)

Provest’s Commitment to Zero Harm Mining:

Driven by a commitment to zero harm mining and the pursuit of long-term value, ProVest recognised the imperative to address this safety challenge innovatively. Enter the Blasting Control Device (BCD), a revolutionary solution designed to transform blasting practices and enhance overall safety.

Testing and Development:

The BCD underwent extensive testing at key mining sites, including Impala Platinum and Sibanye Platinum’s Simunye and Kopaneng Shafts. The feedback from employees and supervisors was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the device’s ease of use and its ability to eliminate the need for reverse priming.

Positive Results:

The introduction of the BCD yielded a multitude of positive outcomes:

  • Enhanced Safety: The BCD significantly improved safety protocols during explosive-related incidents.
  • Enhanced Face Advance: Streamlined processes contributed to enhanced face advance in mining operations.
  • Cost Reduction: The BCD resulted in reduced costs associated with misfire handling and related incidents.
  • Motivated Team Members: The innovative approach boosted morale among team members, fostering a safer work environment.
  • Enhanced Shareholder Value: ProVest’s commitment to safety translated into increased shareholder value.
  • Limited Blasting Damage: The BCD demonstrated success in minimising blasting damage to support structures and hanging walls.

Confidence in Reliability:

Results from the testing phase instilled confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of the BCD in reducing the risks associated with explosive-related incidents. ProVest stands ready to implement this groundbreaking technology, anticipating a paradigm shift in safety practices across the mining industry. The BCD exemplifies ProVest’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation for the betterment of mining safety standards.


Enhance Your Safety with ProVest’s Innovative BCD

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