Success Story: Introducing ProVest’s Grout Efficiency Tester (GET)

Challenges: Enhancing Grout Integrity in Mining Operations

In the mining industry, fall of ground incidents are a significant contributor to fatalities, with the correct grouting of anchors being vital for tendon support integrity. Loose anchors can lead to additional dynamic loads, emphasising the importance of reliable grouting. While methods exist to test tendon support strength, length, and tension, there was a gap in proactive measures for assessing grout integrity.

Proactive Solution Development

Provest recognized the need for a solution that was simple, robust, reliable, inexpensive, comprehensive, easy to interpret, and capable of withstanding underground conditions. This led to the inception of the Grout Efficiency Tester (GET). Provest’s dedicated team based the GET on touch-switch technology, utilizing the grout to complete an electrical circuit and indirectly measure conductivity. The device, with adjustable sensitivity to resistance, proved compatible with various support units.

Field Testing and Validation:

Extensive underground testing at prominent mines, including Sibanye Platinum Kroondal, Mototolo, and Booysendal, delivered highly encouraging results. The GET, equipped with a probe attached to the high-tension cable, consistently provided accurate readings. Its performance under real-world, challenging conditions showcased its effectiveness and reliability.

Key Achievements:

  • Innovation: GET employs cutting-edge touch-switch technology for reliable grout integrity assessment.
  • Versatility: Adjustable sensitivity allows compatibility with a variety of support units.
  • Real-world Validation: Successful testing at major mining sites, ensuring its adaptability and effectiveness.
  • Safety Enhancement: Addressing a critical factor in mining fatalities, contributing to improved safety standards.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: An inexpensive solution with robust capabilities, offering cost-efficient grout integrity assessment.

Impact and Future Prospects:

The successful development and testing of GET mark a significant milestone in ProVest’s commitment to safety and innovation in the mining industry. The positive outcomes from field trials position GET as a game-changer in ensuring grout integrity, ultimately contributing to a safer and more sustainable mining environment. Provest looks forward to further refining and expanding the application of this groundbreaking technology to revolutionise mining safety practices globally.


Transform Your Operations with ProVest’s Innovative GET

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