Fortifying Boundaries with 40MPa Reinforced Shotcrete

Project Overview

ProVest took on the task of enhancing the security of perimeter fences with 40MPa reinforced shotcrete. The objective was to reinforce the fences, crucial for demarcating and protecting the site.


The perimeter fences were not just facing threats; they were in a state of severe disrepair, dilapidated and broken in multiple places with gaping holes large enough to compromise security. It was clear that immediate, robust reinforcement was needed to restore these critical boundaries and protect against the relentless environmental elements and potential breaches.


Leveraging its expertise in shotcrete applications, ProVest utilized a 40MPa reinforced shotcrete mix to strengthen the fence structures. This choice of material ensured an optimal balance between flexibility and strength.



This reinforcement project served to significantly extend the life span of the fences, contributing to a more secure and controlled environment.


The successful application of 40MPa reinforced shotcrete on perimeter fences underscores ProVest’s innovative approach to site security and its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety and operational integrity.


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