Innovative Use of 75MPa Reinforced Shotcrete

Project Overview

In a critical infrastructure enhancement project, ProVest embarked on securing surface cables using 75MPa reinforced shotcrete. The application aimed to augment the resilience and longevity of the cabling system essential for mining operations.


The exposed surface cables were susceptible to environmental wear and potential impact damage, necessitating a solution that offered protection without compromising cable integrity.


ProVest’s solution involved the meticulous application of 70MPa reinforced shotcrete, offering a blend of durability and strength. This specialized shotcrete mix was designed to conform to the cables’ configuration, ensuring comprehensive coverage and reinforcement.

Executional Excellence

The project demanded precision in the shotcrete application to avoid damaging the cables while ensuring a complete bond with the substrate. ProVest’s skilled technicians utilized state-of-the-art spraying equipment and techniques to deliver a uniform layer of shotcrete, effectively encapsulating the cables.


This proactive measure not only secured the cables but also significantly reduced the need for frequent maintenance checks, ensuring continuous and safe mining operations.


ProVest’s commitment to employing advanced materials like 70MPa reinforced shotcrete demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to mining infrastructure maintenance, setting a new benchmark for protective solutions in the mining industry.


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