Local Economic Development & Employment

Provest Group was committed to becoming a responsible corporate citizen and coexisting within the communities where it operated. Provest concluded a deal with three local SMMEs (Small Medium and Micro Enterprises) for an underground secondary support business opportunity at Sibanye Platinum. This resulted in the establishment of Platchro Ubuntu (Pty) Ltd, incorporating three local SMMEs from neighbouring communities.

This unique opportunity allowed Provest to secure additional contract work without negatively impacting its existing contracts or the current BEE shareholders, Agile Capital.

Provest was poised for growth and committed to partnering with entrepreneurs from the communities where it operated, thus becoming incubators for local SMMEs in mining.

Through this initiative, Provest supported the beneficiaries by ensuring the transfer of business knowledge to them and equipping them with the skills needed to execute their fiduciary responsibilities as directors of the company. Provest was truly humbled and honoured to contribute to the social transformation of its communities.

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